Intimo Cristina

Intimo Cristina
Confezioni Cristina is an Italian company that can boast a complete Made in Italy chain in the... keep reading...

Confezioni Cristina is an Italian company that can boast a complete Made in Italy chain in the production of underwear.. The production takes place in their laboratory with all the operations inside it, from the raw materials warehouse to the finished product. A complete cycle that starts from the design and development of sizes, continues with the cutting and sewing, ends with the control and packaging.

The supplier from which they buy the cotton and the Modal fabrics is Italian. The cotton yarn used is Australian, class 1 (therefore the top as for "cleaning" and absence of impurities), and produced according to national standards of fair work. Modal, micromodal and cotton fabrics are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

Modal® is an artificial fiber of natural origin produced starting from the pulp of the trees: it is therefore a fiber regenerated from cellulose. The fabrics made of Modal® to the touch are very soft and smooth, and are particularly pleasant to wear. Precisely because it is so soft, Modal® is often combined with other natural fabrics such as cotton to improve its quality and shine.

Modal® is a registered trademark of Lenzing AG, an Austrian multinational committed to sustainable and ecological production, specializing in the production of textiles and, in particular, of fibers produced from cellulose.

Particularly important is the coloring treatment of the fabrics, because the chemical treatment that permeates or coats the fiber in the final coloration first comes into contact with our skin. Even if the underwear is white! Confezioni Cristina is among the companies that guarantees that the coloring and finishing treatments have been carried out in Italy, where there are strict controls and, for many years, the substances that can be used are safe and certified.

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