Latte e Luna is a trademark of Derma Viridis, a small family-run artisan laboratory: Francesca and Federica Capriglione take care of personally managing any phase involved in the process of creating the cosmetic, from its production to sale. The production of handmade cosmetics is divided into lots of a maximum of 3 kg of product, in order to have an efficient quality control and to guarantee always fresh and effective cosmetics: choosing low temperatures to keep the active ingredients intact and slow and delicate processing of the raw materials .

Cosmetics without water: Latte e Luna is proposed with anhydrous cosmetics, ie without water, to offer you a completely active product, choosing a base capable not only of accepting the principle, but of working together with it and amplifying its potential. Furthermore, it is the lipids contained in cosmetics (only of vegetable origin) that with their film-forming action protect skin hydration, to ensure the well-being of our skin. This is what makes the formulations, even the simplest, performing, effective and highly concentrated, exploiting those that are the true potential of an officinal extract or a pure oil, and in the same gesture it is absolutely delicate and protective, recommended by dermatologists also for extremely sensitive skin.

Eco-compatibility: Since the birth of the brand, Latte e Luna has offered eco-skin-compatible cosmetics, ie it is good for the skin and at the same time does not negatively impact the environment. Certification with Skineco, an international eco-compatibility association, was the driving force behind the Latte Luna cosmetics to be clinically tested.

All the ingredients used in the production process, such as oils, butters and medicinal extracts, are certified, of natural origin and of high quality, preferring only those that are highly compatible with the skin and the environment. Particular attention is also given to the extraction systems, which represent fundamental constants in the organoleptic composition of the ingredients used and in their contribution of active ingredients.



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