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Balsamic refill for electric diffuser. To perfume rooms. Balsamic blend with 100% pure essential oils which aid breathing.

Size: 25 ml

Functional components: 100% pure essential oils of clove, spruce, peppermint and pine pumilio.


Electric diffuser Flora
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Electric diffuser with 25ml refill to purify and refresh the air of home environments and favor breathing pleasantly. Effective in closed environments even in the presence of seniors and children. Contains pure 100% pure essential oils of Carnation, Red Spruce, Peppermint and Pino Pumilio. Product life 200 hours. Suitable for a room of about 16 square meters. It is not necessary to aerate the environment before you stay. It is safe for adults and children.

Functional components: 100% pure essential oils of clove, spruce, peppermint and pine pumilio.


Hybrid Lavender demeter essential oil Flora
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Bimbio Lamp Kit: 1 electric aroma lamp + 1 pcs blend essential oil 10 ml with harmonizing effect.

Essential oil diffuser for use in the children's room, to purify and perfume the air. The enamels used for this lamp contain unleaded colors. This aroma lamp uses the heat of a light bulb to spread the scent of essential oils in the air. Through the smell the scent can affect the emotions and the harmony producing a relaxing and beneficial immediate effect.

Blend of essential oils BimBìo: composed of 100% pure, natural and total sweet orange *, mandarin, vanilla * and mandarin orange essential oils. * Ingredients from Controlled Organic Farming.

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Boom is a diffuser of essential oils without water. Use a fan to release the fragrance of the essences. Just 5 drops on the built-in pad to benefit from aromatherapy.

Practical and discreet, Boom is the perfect travel companion! So small, it fits comfortably in the palm of one hand, ideal for use inside and outside the home. You can relax with chromotherapy thanks to the automatic color change.

Made in China for Gisa Wellness

Battery ultrasonic aroma diffuser Kibi
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This aroma diffuser uses the ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil in the tank, to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist.



  • Dimensions: d 138mm x h 108mm
  • Weight: approx 370 gr
  • Power: Input/Output AC100-240V 50/60Hz / DC5V 1A
  • Battery: Lithum battery - 7.4V 2200mA
  • Lenght of cord: approx 100cm
  • Electric consumption: approx 5W
  • Time Mode: 60min/120 min/ON
  • Tank Capacity: 150 ml
  • LED light: 4 bulbs
  • Material: PP
  • Accessories: Power supply, Measuring cup, User Manual
  • Ultrasonic rate: 3.0 MHz
Made in P.R.C. for Gisa srl Italy


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