Antos natural cosmetics, is a trademark of Emmedue Cosmetics srl, a family-run company, located in the hills of Monferrato, Italy. Antos is a cosmetic line produced directly by the company laboratory since 1989, born from the passion for beekeeping and for the land. They produce cosmetics with herbal extracts and other natural products such as rice, honey, grapes, etc.

To create the line of natural cosmetic products, they have always followed some simple rules that have become the basis of their production and sales philosophy. What they produce must be...

  • SIMPLE: Products formulated with as few ingredients as possible, containing only what is needed to be truly effective.
  • CREATIVE: To obtain a natural product it is sometimes necessary to compromise with nature, and for this we must create unique and innovative cosmetics.
  • ESSENTIAL: Packaging is really essential, because to contain costs they choose bottles that are normally produced in series, and they produce the labels directly on site. It is a way they have always adopted to keep prices low and the quality high!
  • FRESH: They produce and sell directly, thus guaranteeing the freshness of the products and drastically reducing the use of preservatives.

In the assortment you will find cosmetics with an exceptional quality / price ratio: Face creams - Body creams - Shampoos - Soaps - Rice line - Grape line - Cellulite line - Aromatherapy - Room perfumers - Massage oils



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