Mymami the new organic brand to celebrate their first 100 years of history

The Isetta family boasts a long history of great entrepreneurship which has been passed down from generation to generation since 1919.

The new MYMAMI line comes from this intuition: to create quality textile products thanks to an artisan production process made in Italy from weaving to packaging, and with certified organic raw materials.

Certified chain: MYMAMI textiles are certified organic by G.O.T.S. and Icea. When making the fibre, certain chemical processes are limited. When dying and printing the fabrics, it is strictly forbidden to use dyes containing toxic heavy metals, formaldehydes, aromatic solvents or chlorophenol. The entire production chain is certified: from sowing the seeds to gathering the raw material, right through to the transformation process and tailoring and labelling of the final product, all in order to provide consumers with a credible guarantee.