Himalaya was founded in 1989, setting itself the goal of bringing truly natural products, rich in tradition and culture, from the ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, but also from the traditional Italian phytotherapy. This is why from the beginning look at India, which for thousands of years working with a careful and respectful philosophy of the human being and the environment. The founders of the Himalayas to cater from the beginning to the Auroville project, the international city created to be the evolutionary workshop inspired by the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo. The involvement has often turned into real economic and operational support in the creation of the Tibetan Pavilion, which today is one of the most lively of the Indian city, and for the Auroville Village Action Group activities for a project against the exploitation of child labor, which aims to train children and put back in the working world at the right age.

In line with responsible consumption: products marketed by the Himalayas are extremely natural, cruelty free with a growing use of organic raw materials. In particular, Maroma fragrances are made in compliance with the safety standards of IFRA (International Fragrance Association), for a full guarantee of the consumer, and are certified by the Fair Trade India. We also remember that the Maroma products are packaged in environmentally friendly paper recycling cotton waste, thus avoiding suppres new trees.

For this Himalayas has decided to become a true "seeker of wellbeing." And to bring its admirers the most natural and reliable products all over the world in the area of ​​flavorings, of fragrances and wellbeing: in the lines you will find incense, perfumes, moth bags, toothpaste, candles, sponges, ear cones .. .