Tranquillo is a German brand, since 2003 they design fashion for women and kids with a passion for color, GOTS certified, eco & fair. With them you will find decorations and accessories with a fresh style.

The majority of the TRANQUILLO favorites are GOTS certified. Their partners they work with and also their company are listed in the GOTS database. The whole production chain from their producers till their own site in Germany is closed and aspects of sustainability are taken into account. Their G.O.T.S. license number is CU844876.

FROM SECOND HAND TO FAIR FASHION: In the past, the TRANQUILLO was still a small shop in Dresden's Neustadt, where you could find cheerful odds and ends from all over the world, colorful fleece jackets and long velvet robes. In the TRANQUILLO you have always found not only special clothes but also all sorts of little things with which you could gift your friends.

It was nice! But it should be somehow different. It should stay colorful and fair too. But maybe one day you could even produce your own clothes fairly from ecologically sensible materials? These thoughts drove Christian Amthor and Michael Kremer, who have been running the TRANQUILLO together since 2003.

For our fashion, we mainly use organic cotton, which is much more resource-efficient than conventionally grown cotton. The majority of TRANQUILLO's favorite parts are also certified with the GOTS seal. The GOTS standard ensures the safety and hygiene conditions in the production facilities, ensures compliance with social criteria such as fair wages and defines environmental requirements along the entire production chain.

They are proud that over the years they have been able to align ourselves with the long term and establish trust-based cooperation. With their partners abroad, it almost feels like a big family reunion when they are there!

And of course, the feedback from customers regularly provides joy and motivation! They have the impression that we are developing together towards a more environmentally conscious lifestyle - that builds us up and is always a guide for their decisions.