CasaGIN is an Italian brand that produces underwear, socks and eco-clothing garments. From the processing of yarns to dyeing, from the preparation of the models to the cutting of raw materials, up to assembly and packaging, every single production step takes place in Italy in selected small companies. This is why we can speak of true Made in Italy, made up of small family-run businesses, local realities where manufacturing is still an art.

The 100% Italian production represents a guarantee of unique quality, such as the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which certifies the harmlessness for human health and the environment of the dyes used.

Their first project was a line of underwear, clothing that first and foremost come into contact with our skin. They have chosen natural fabrics, produced according to eco-sustainable procedures, delicate on the skin and safe for the environment, such as FIBER OF BEECH - MODAL, and the FIBER OF EUCALYPTUS - TENCEL



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