Ragno is the a well-known Italian underwear brand created in 1931 by the Valduggia Manufactures,... keep reading...

Ragno is the a well-known Italian underwear brand created in 1931 by the Valduggia Manufactures, founded in 1879 in Valsesia (Piedmont). One of the main realities of underwear in Italy, especially for pure wool knitwear. Over the decades, Ragno has paid attention to raw materials, to fibers that more than others come into direct contact with the skin and the same attention is paid to the production processes of the entire supply chain so that they operate in full respect for people, the environment. and the surrounding area.

In the last decade, the historical production of knitwear for women and men in wool and wool and silk blend has been supported by sustainable and certified yarns, thus the BIOCOTTON line was born: clothing, underwear and pajamas made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

A very soft fabric and a minimalist and elegant design characterize the range of underwear for him and her, made without the use of chemicals and through production processes that don't use toxic substances at any stage of the production cycle.

Choose an organic cotton garment to respect yourself and the environment! It is a choice that gives value to the entire supply chain and makes the wearer feel better.

The men's / women's underwear line is characterized by the three bases in organic cotton fabric of which it is composed:


  1. double knit interlock suitable for cold seasons, used in sweaters, tank tops and turtlenecks.
  2. light jersey throughout the year
  3. naturally elastic rib also suitable for winter


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