Soruka, a line of super cool bags, made with scraps of recovered leather, was born precisely to transform waste into useful items for people and pleasant to wear, giving them a new value and contributing, at the same time, to reducing the environmental impact of waste leather. The Soruka collection is designed in a timeless style, made to survive seasonal trends.

Each piece is UNIQUE and unrepeatable and is handmade by craftsmen from Calcutta and Delhi, coordinated by Original Arts, a small Spanish company that has always worked in the distribution of handicraft, ethical and fair trade products.

Every year the Indian leather industry generates a huge amount of waste: clippings, failed or rejected lots by customers and unsold stock. A part of this waste is burned in traditional ovens, generating a thick blanket of smoke that contributes to pollute the atmosphere, endangering the health of those who live nearby. Another part of the waste is thrown into more or less legal landfills, where it will continue to pollute the subsoil for decades before decomposing. Soruka aims to combat this phenomenon.