H-earth manufactures an ecological line of underwear for women and men in Prato, Tuscany, made of bamboo with a castor lining. In the assortment you will find bras, briefs, tops, camisoles, culottes, leggings, boxers,... all characterised by an excellent fit and adherence, and a wide and youthful range of colours.

The passion for innovative, high-performance fabrics has also led this brand to create an innovative VEGAN underwear in VEGETABLE SILK, a shiny, silky-soft yarn that makes this women's collection naturally elegant.

H-earth also produces natural socks for women, men and children in eucalyptus fibre and tights in castor fibre.

H-earth's natural clothing has the following properties: very soft - naturally wicks away perspiration - high thermal comfort, NOT overheating - reduces odours - UV-resistant - bacteriostatic - seamless and label-free - does not need ironing