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The makeup sponge that activates with water! Its smooth and regular surface allows homogeneous applications and nuances. Drip design to easily reach every corner of the face. To create a perfect base use it after soaking it in plenty of water and squeezed it carefully.

Applications: primer, foundation, contouring, blush, face powder, fluid or cream products.

Format: h: 6.0 cm - diameter: 3.7 cm from dry

Material: PU, latex free.

Beauty Tips: Wet the sponge in water until it has doubled the volume, squeeze it very well and use it to apply your makeup. Wash the sponge with water and mild soap, rinse it and wring it out with care. Leave it to dry perfectly in the air before storing it, and always keep it in a clean and dry place. Avoid twisting or pulling the makeup brush: to squeeze it out just press it with your fingers until the water has gone out.

Styled in Italy, made in PRC.

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