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Peel-off face mask with rice powder and seaweed, for a radiant and velvety skin. Try this remineralizing and sebum-regulating mask and you will find happiness. It is a simple but precious preparation of rice powder and diatomaceous algae and is ideal for sanding the skin and restoring its balance. Rich in vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants, it is the perfect mask for all skin types, it is excellent used alone and becomes a real beauty wonder if it is prepared with the addition of sera and / or of the right active water for you ( find out how in the instructions for use).


Format: 30 gr

Ingredients: Diatomaceous earth, algin, calcium sulfate hydrate, oryza sativa (rice) powder*, magnesium oxide, disodium phosphate.

*from organic farming

How to use:

PREPARE THE PASTE: In a clean bowl pour 15g of powder and add 45ml of water, stirring quickly and vigorously for 1 minute. The batter must be smooth and homogeneous, without lumps. You can enhance it by adding 5 drops of the specific face serum for your skin and / or substituting 5ml water with your favorite active water.

APPLY ON THE FACE: Quickly spread the mask on the entire face avoiding the eye contour (attention, solidifies quickly!). You can use your fingertips or help with a soft bristle brush. Leave it for 15-20 minutes.

REMOVE AND SPLEND! The mask is removed like a film, taking away impurities, toxins and dead cells and disposed of in the damp. Remove any residues from the face with a little warm water

Produced in Italy

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