Washable nursing pads in cotton - Ø11 cm

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Washable nursing pads made from organic cotton. Cotton absorbs excess breast milk. The elastic breathable microfiber is waterproof to the outside and protects against unpleasant wet patches on clothing.

Inner side 100% organic cotton flanell, outside microfibre.

Pack of 2 pieces. Size Ø 11 cm

Made in Germany by Disana.

Better for your skin, because you use a natural and breathable fabric.

Better for the environment, because you will avoid producing waste.

Better for your wallet, because you save compared to the disposable nursing pads.

They can be washed in the washing machine along with the rest of the laundry up to 60°C.

upplier could not provide GOTS-certification.


icon Recensioni

Giorgia on 30/01/2017

in morbido flanella di cotone all'interno, microfibra all'esterno. sia l'assorbenza che l'impermeabilizzazione sono ottime!

Elisa on 23/06/2016

il cotone e delicato sulla pelle e non irrita, ideali in casa, non assorbono grandi quantità di latte e una volta bagnate rimane la senzazione di umido. l'assorbenza migliora con i lavaggi.

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