Altramoda in November 2023 launches a campaign to raise awareness of the global problem of textile waste. Most of the clothes we throw away end up in landfills. Not by us, but in various places in the so-called SOUTH of the world, Africa, India, South East Asia,... In these countries you can find mountains of clothes in the open, on beaches, along rivers, and sometimes they are burnt polluting the air.

The rural, river and maritime landscape of several nations is now in disrepair because of the immense pollution caused by clothes that we Europeans and Americans no longer want, even after wearing them once.

In Kenya they have coined the word MITUMBA, to define this imported used clothing, which is only recoverable and resalable to a small extent, otherwise it is waste.

Our partner in Kenya in Nairobi, is called Africa Collect Textiles, ACT for short, is a Social Impact Enterprise, founded in 2020.
Elena Mancinelli, administrator of Altramoda, met them this spring and immediately proposed a collaboration.

ACT employs talented people who collect, divide, recycle, weave and sew used clothing that would otherwise become rubbish, for Altramoda they have created a mini collection of products made from upcycled denim and Kitenge (cotton fabric scraps from used clothing).



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