Klar EcoSensitive

Klar EcoSensitive
For skin sensitive people and allergy sufferersThanks to its mite recipes and natural... keep reading...

For skin sensitive people and allergy sufferers

Thanks to its mite recipes and natural ingredients, the KLAR line is ideal for skin sensitive people, children and allergic persons. By eliminating unnecessary fragrances and additives the risk of allergy is reduced to a minimum. Especially with perfume allergies.

the KLAR series The skin mild raw materials are pure vegetable or mineral origin. Our raw materials come, whenever possible, from organic farming. All KLAR products are free of synthetic colors, fragrances and preservatives!

For your safety our KLAR products have been tested almost completely dermatologically. Result: predicate mild to the skin. Dermatologically tested.

The main detergent were also awarded by the German Allergy and Asthma Association after successful testing of highly sensitive individuals with the DAAB Seal.

KLAR is what's inside!

The transparency of our formulations is very important to us. Therefore, refer to each product a full declaration of all ingredients used. And this incl. The INCI names, as in natural cosmetics. So you can be sure that there is what is on it.

Trust genuine ecological top quality, which is evidenced by the ECO GUARANTEE label of the independent testing institute Certisys. Ensuring compliance with the strict ECO GUARANTEE criteria we guarantee you that this is an ecologically sound product range at KLAR:


Using pure natural plant and mineral ingredients

Botanicals are - if available - from organic farming

Careful selection only of selected mineral resources

No use of raw materials from petroleum-based chemicals

No use of genetically modified micro-organisms and enzymes

Ecologically flawless production processes

Minimal environmental impact. 100% green electricity

Regular inspections by an independent jury

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