Baby long sleeve kimono shirt in organic cotton chenille

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Baby long sleeve kimono shirt. Made of  100% soft and warm organic cotton chenille. Side closure with 3 poppers (nickel free).

Available in pink, blue, ecru or gray.

Machine wash at 40 ° C.

Made in Europe by brand Popolini.

About the company:

20 years ago we first opened the doors to the POPOLINO Windelhaus, our first own little shop in Vienna.  Washable nappies were quite new and popular at the time and customers were very enthusiastic.  Unfortunately we were not content with the available quality, so we decided to produce our own nappies according to our own personal quality standards.  Starting of in Austria we now have our own production site, Bamiko, which is based in Hungary / Europe and guarantees highest quality standards, sustainability & fair working conditions.  In the meantime we have additionally launched our own organic and GOTS certified clothing line iobio™ for children and babies up to about four years.

Our headquarters, "BMK Handels- & Vertriebs GmbH", is located in Vienna and has about 75 employees, 45 of them in production, the rest in wholesale and retail. Furthermore we run four shops within Austria (two in Vienna, one in Salzburg and one in Graz) and have three further partner shops in Berlin, Bologna and Paris.

Vision: starting a family is a unique, life changing experience that opens your mind to all kinds of new, interesting facets of life.

And so we realized the importance of healthy, contaminat free products- we didn't want pretty things for our little ones, we wanted the right things.

It was back then when we noticed how disturbingly large the pile of waste from disposable nappies was.  So we began looking for alternatives.  First we began making cloth nappies for our own personal use, after a while family members and friends started asking if we could make them some aswell.  Before we knew it we had started our own small business.  Nowadays, more than 20 years later our business has grown and we offer a much broader product range.  Nevertheless the idea has stayed the same and has yet become even more important.

That is why we have decided to produce almost all of our products within the European Union- this way we can guarantee short routes of transport, fair working circumstances and highest ecological standards.

Natural, skin friendly material combined with product development in cooperation with midwives, mothers and employees with children aiming at children and parents actual needs have paved our route to success.

Production: located about 230 kilometers east of Budapest, next to the Tisza lies Tiszalök, where our small production site, Bamiko, is based.

The region used to be one of the most important within the textile industry, but with major companies closing their production and transfering it to Asia due to cheaper workfare many factories were forced to close their doors.

Therefore we were able to find a small skilled and motivated team to produce are products.  Starting off with only eight employees two years ago we now have a team of 40 that produces all iobio™ productsas well as the majority of PoPoLiNi® products.

Certificates and quality standards

Our products and production facilities have to pass the approval of highly stringent eco audits every year. We can assure you that all our proclamations are backed by worldwide approved certifications.

Overview of our Certificates/quality standards:

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

PoPoLiNi - Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is worldwide recognised as the leading standard which defines high level environmental criteria along the entire supply chain of organic textiles and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

Number of Certification for PoPoliNi and iobio products: IMO, CH N° 29701.

GOTS Certificate (PDF)

Read more:


PoPoLiNi - Oeko-Tex - Textiles Vertrauen

All our products (including those with man made fibres) are certified according to Ecotex Standard 100 class 1 (infant) a guarantie that these products are free of harmful residues and thererfor safe.

Number certification for our own brands PoPoLiNi and iobio: ÖTI N° 46490.

Oeko-Tex Certificate® (PDF)

More information:

Organic cotton

PoPoLiNi - made of certified organic cotton

Our own qualtiy sign for products made of certified organic cotton where our supplier could not provide GOTS-certification.

Organic cotton

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Silvia serina on 16/12/2019

Tessuto molto morbido, ma che si riempie un po di pelucchi. L'apertura a kimono è abbastanza comoda ma avrei aggiunto un bottoncino anche nel lembo di tessuto che rimane sotto, che altrimenti resta sempre un po spiegazzato. Taglia ok, per noi un po piccola

Barbara on 11/11/2019

Amo il fatto che sia 100% cotone, molto difficile da trovare! L'apertura a kimono lo rende facile da indossare. La vestibilità mi sembra piuttosto piccola. Prodotto di ottima qualità.

Monica on 31/10/2019

Maglia molto carina e tessuto ottimo

Barbara on 19/06/2019

Maglia veramente fantastica: comoda l'apertura a kimono con bottoni automatici, niente fibre sintetiche e morbidissima. Comprata in diversi colori per i nipotini gemelli. Leggermente piccola la taglia, conviene prenderne una in più perchè il materiale dura

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Mara on 11/10/2018

Dopo moltissime ricerche senza esito positivo su internet e nei negozi, finalmente un capo da neonato senza la presenza di fibre sintetiche! Ho preso tutti i colori disponibili tranne il rosa e sono pienamente soddisfatta: materiale di alta qualità e biologico, molto pratica l’apertura a kimono con automatici, taglia coerente con le misure riportate. Sicuramente ne ordinerò altri!

Giulia on 14/09/2018

Ottimo tessuto, 100% cotone bio e certificato, molto comoda l'apertura a kimono, vestibilità forse un po' scarsa come attestano anche altre recensioni, magari puntate su una taglia più abbondante se volete utilizzarla più a lungo, visto che i tessuti qualitativamente meritano!

Agnieszka on 31/12/2017

Maglia semplicemente fantastica! Continuo a ricomprarla in diversi colori.

Agnieszka on 22/12/2017

Uno dei migliori acquisti! Imperdibile! Ciniglia 100% cotone che purtroppo non si trova in nessun negozio. Morbida, calda, semplicemente favolosa. Ne ho già acquistate 6 (2 azzurre, 2 grigie, 1 bianca e 1 a righe). Bellissima anche da abbinare con le ghettine. La chiusura davanti è decisamente molto comoda.

Daniela on 06/11/2017

Ottimo tessuto e vestibilità un po' scarsa

Federica on 30/10/2017

Fibra naturale, morbidezza e qualità, cosa chiedere di più!!

sara on 05/10/2017

Trovare una ciniglia di cotone senza altre fibre sintetiche è un miraggio! Morbida e calda, pratica da indossare visti i bottoni laterali. La taglia veste un po' più piccolo delle tutine della stessa marca.

Santina on 21/03/2017

Molto morbida e pratica grazie all'allacciatura laterale. Molto apprezzata la ciniglia in cotone senza la presenza di altri materiali.

Virginia on 01/08/2016

Perfetta in ogni sua parte. Morbida e pratica da far indossare.

Serena on 12/01/2016

Ho preso la stessa taglia sia per questa felpa che per le tutine intere, le tute sono giuste e anche comode, mentre questa è molto stretta!:( Impossibile da indossare! Peccato... Consiglio di prendere una taglia in più

federica on 13/02/2015

Buon prodotto, consegna rapida, prezzo sensato

manuela on 18/10/2014

Carina, calda e comoda. Solo un po' stretta sul fondo, non riesco ad abbottonare l'ultimo bottone perché la bambina porta i pannolini lavabili che sono più grandi e ingombranti del normale.

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