Eau de toilette Spices Olfattiva

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Eau de Toilette based on real essential oils. Gentle, high, true sensuality. The vision of a tropical island on the horizon: Fior di Spezie is the scent that greeted sailors on their arrival in the Moluccan Islands. An air of celebration and pleasure, with the sensual aromas of Ylang Ylang, the freshness of Grapefruit, the spicy sweetness of Garofano and Cinnamon. A graceful fragrance that tells of an uncontaminated nature.

Content: 30 ml

Each Olfattiva product is packaged by hand according to the ancient traditions of botanical perfumery. VEGAN OK certificate

Grapefruit: head
Ylang Ylang: heart
Carnation nails: base
Cinnamon: base


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Elena on 09/12/2019

Mi è piaciuto, particolare, si sente che è un profumo con ingredienti naturali, dolce ma non stucchevole grazie ai sentori freschi e speziati. Buona durata per un profumo naturale, direi mezza giornata. Alcuni profumi sintetici mi infastidiscono le mucose, questo invece si respira benissimo

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