Absorbent liner for knitted nappies - 5 pcs

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Absorbent liner for washable nappies, made from soft undyed organic cotton, made from Disana.

This brushed cotton liner is folded into a strip and used as an absorbent liner for knitted and all-in-one nappies. When the cloth is made, the cotton is lightly brushed, which not only makes it pleasantly soft and velvety, but also multiplies its relative surface, meaning it can absorb even more moisture.

Size: 40x40 cm. G.O.T.S. certificate.

Pack of 5 pieces.

Made in Germany.

Organic cotton


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Ekaterina on 17/01/2020

Sono piccoli.. giusto per inserirli durante la giornata quando c’è possibilità a cambiare bimbo subito.. li metto 2 insieme e assorbono bene.. cmq per le passeggiate non li metterei..

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