Ox-gall soap

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Ox-gall soap composed of raw materials from organic farming. Gall soap is an ancient household remedy for removing the most stubborn stains on wool and silk textiles. Gall soap is used whenever wool shampoos are not enough to remove a stain. Applied directly, massaged gently into the stain and rinsed with clear water, bile soap removes any organic soiling from wool and silk articles. Available as a concentrate and only intended for targeted stain removal, a few drops will suffice to remove ugly stains from delicate materials.

Inci: Sodium soap, aqua, feltauri siccum, sodium copper chlorophyllin.


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Sara on 04/02/2019

Lo uso per pretrattare i pannolini lavabili sporchi di cacca. Aiuta a non lasciare aloni sugli inserti e non lascia creatura

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