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Anti-stress spray with altea
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Produced to condition the hair fleshy, dry, treated and rebellious. It softens and helps styling both smooth and curly hair without waxing or weighing. Rich of organic ingredients from organic farming (Altea, Rice, Medicinal Grass, Flax Seeds, Milk, Amamelide) that give softness and brightness. It protects the hair from the atmospheric agents. Allergen-free scent.

Contents: Bottle of 100ml

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Defined curly lotion for a natural shaped effect. Due to the presence of Uviox®-Oleox® antioxidant synergy from organic Tuscan ingredients, it protects the hair from oxidative stress caused by natural atmospheric agents (sun, salt) or chemicals such as smog, chlorine, phon and plate heat. Its formula with targeted organic Tuscan extracts, sour water and rosemary water, vegetable proteins, nourishes the hair, disciplines curls by defining them and enhancing them with a natural patterning effect.

Spray bottle 100ml

Made in Italy

Hair styling Mousse with Rice Proteins
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Strong hold mousse, ideal for styling curly and wavy hair. Keeps the fold without gluing. Rich in plant ingredients from organic farming (rice, linseed, alfalfa, millet and witch hazel), this styling Mousse gives support and definition to the hair. Fragrance without allergens.

Contents: 150ml bottle

AIAB Certificate - Nickel Tested <1 ppm - Dermatologically tested - VeganOK

Hair styling Mousse with Soy Proteins
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Mousse with soft seal, ideal for styling curly and wavy hair. Natural and lasting effect without sticking. Rich in plant ingredients from organic farming (soy protein, rice, medicinal herbs, flax seeds, millet and amamelide) that give light and softness to the hair. Allergen-free scent.

Contents: Bottle of 150ml

Organic Hair Spray "Migliora" Phitofilos
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Antistatic wooden comb avoiding the electrified hair. The wooden comb is a natural and ecofriendly alternative to inorganic material used for hair care. Finished without harmful lacquers coverage in beeswax

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A salt-free spray that gives definition and resistance to the hair. A practical and fast application for a natural volume effect. Contains a curly activator based on flax and chia seeds, vitamin toscanoricco kiwi extract, a plant-derived structuring polymer, panthenol and proteins for a protective function. Waves and curls are so defined, soft and voluminous.

100ml Made in Italy

Product VEGAN - AIAB certified bio eco cosmetics - Nicket Tested - Dermatologically tested

Suncoat natural hair spray fragrance free
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This natural hair spray from Suncoat was prepared based on sugar-polysaccharides. It makes for the perfect styling and is free of


  • PVP
  • PVA
  • Acrylic polymers
  • Polyacrylamides
  • Alcohol


This hair spray protects the hair from environmental damage. It is fragrance-free and is filled in conventional spray bottles without aerosols.

Application: For maximum durability, apply the spray upside down on the roots to the tips. The spray should be about 10-30 cm from the head. Can be used on wet or dry hair.

210 ml

€ 6,00
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Hairbrush in bamboo and natural rubber with soft tips that gently massage the scalp

Dimensions: 20 cm x 5.5 x 3.5cm (thickness)

€ 10,60
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Ecolertified jelly of plant origin synergized with Witch Hazel extract, with shaping, restructuring and polishing properties of the hair. Ideal for daily styling, it helps to define all types of hair without getting dirty or heavy. Leave your hair vital and bright. It does not grease and does not create unsightly films. Natural seal. It does not contain fragrance.

200 ml

HOW TO USE: It can be applied to dry hair, distributing it on all the hair to obtain a wet effect. Applied instead on damp hair, it has a disciplinary action giving a soft and natural fold.

AIAB Certificate - Nickel Tested <1 ppm - Dermatologically tested - VeganOk

The Beauty Seed Hair Styling Gel with Aloe
€ 11,00 € 9,90
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This botanical formula is fortified with natural hair bodifiers that condition deeply and provide a natural looking hold. Dermatologically tested.


  • Organic juices: Aloe Vera 10%
Size: 150 ml - PAO 9 months

Made in Italy by Bioearth. Vegan.


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